For the complete beginner, we would suggest familiarizing yourself with the Romanization systems used for Chinese pronunciations. We have provided below the Yale system for Cantonese and the pinyin system for Mandarin, with explanations on the sounds.

We have also selected useful phrases and questions to know for building rapport with patients that would be a good place to start. For basic vocabulary, such as numbers, colors, days of the week, and family members go to the terminology section. More detailed and comprehensive questions are found in the physical diagnosis section.

Hello. 你好。
  ni3 hao3.  
Good morning. 早安。
  zao3 an1.  
How are you? 你好嗎?
  ni3 hao3 ma5?  
Listen to me. 聽我說。
  ting1 wo3 shuo1.  
Hello, I am (name). 你好,我是 []。
  ni3 hao3, wo3 shi4 [].  
I am a doctor. 我是醫生.
  wo3 shi4 yi1 sheng1.  
I am a medical student. 我是醫學院學生.
  wo3 shi4 yi1 xue2 yuan4 xue2 sheng1.  
What language do you speak? 你說甚麼語言?
  ni3 shuo1 shen2 me5 yu3 yan2?  
Do you speak Cantonese?   Grammar Point 你說廣東話嗎?
  Ni3 shuo1 Guang3 dong1 hua4 ma5?  
Do you speak Mandarin?   Grammar Point 你說普通話嗎?
  Ni3 shuo1pu3 tong1 hua4 ma5?  
We are getting an interpreter. 我們現在去找翻譯。
  wo3 men5 xian4 zai4 qu4 zhao3 fan1 yi4.  
Someone will come to help you. 有人會來幫你。
  You3 ren2 hui4 lai2 bang1 ni3.  
Do you understand my Chinese? 你聽得懂我的中文嗎?
  ni3 ting1 de5 dong3 wo3 de5 zhong1 wen2 ma5?  
Do you understand what I am saying? 你瞭解我說些什麼嗎?
  ni3 liao3 jie3 wo3 shuo1xie1 shen2 me5 ma5?  
What is your name? 你叫什麼名字?
  ni3 jiao4 shen2 me5 ming2 zi5?  
Can I see your medical record card?   Grammar Point 我可以看一下你的 醫療記錄卡嗎?
  Wo3 ke3 yi3 kan4 yi2 xia4 ni3 de5 yi1 liao2 ji4 lu4 ka3  
Can I see your insurance card?   Grammar Point 我可以看一下你的保險卡嗎?
  Wo3 ke3 yi3 kan4 yi2 xia4 ni3 de5 bao3 xian3 ka3  
Can I see your identification card?   Grammar Point 我可以看一下你的身分證嗎?
  Wo3 ke3 yi3 kan4 yi2 xia4 ni3 de5 shen1 fen5 zheng4 ma5?  
Thank you. 謝謝。
  xie4 xie5.  
Please come in. 請進。
  qing3 jin4.  
Come with me. 跟我來。
  gen1 wo3 lai2.  
Have a seat. 請坐。
  qing3 zuo4.  
Please wait here. 請在這兒等一下。
  qing3 zai4 zher4 deng3 yi2 xia4.  
May I ask you a few questions? 我可以問你一些問題嗎?
  wo3 ke3 yi3 wen4 ni3 yi4 xie1 wen4 ti2 ma5?  
Are you currently in pain? 你現在痛嗎?
  ni3 xian4 zai4 tong4 ma5?  
Where is the pain? 哪裡痛?
  na3 li5 tong4?  
Calm down. 請冷靜一些。
  qing3 leng3 jing4 yi4 xie1.  
Don´t be scared. 不要害怕。
  bu2 yao4 hai4 pa4.  
Don´t worry. 不要擔心。
  bu2 yao4 dan1 xin1.  
I don´t know. 我不知道。
  wo3 bu4 zhi1 dao4.  
Please repeat once more. 請你再說一次。
  qing3 ni3 zai4 shuo1 yi2 ci4.  
Please speak slowly. 請你慢慢說。
  qing3 ni3 man4 man4 shuo1.  
I´m sorry. 對不起。
  dui4 bu5 qi3.  
Goodbye. 再見。
  zai4 jian4.  
You´re welcome. 不客氣。
  bu2 ke4 qi5.  
Please sign here. 請在這兒簽名。
  qing3 zai4 zher4 qian1 ming2.